Next stop: Nashville! Join us in this amazing Trip!

Hey Loves! This last summer I made a road trip through some of the southeastern states starting in Nashville and finishing in Miami. I was very excited about it because I had never been to any of those places before. However, every time I shared the news with someone, they made an odd face and […]

Boost your Energy!

And rock your day! It’s Monday morning, and it’s still dark night. Right now, I am looking at today’s schedule, and I see I am going to have a busy day ahead full of challenging situations that will require me to be at my best. I know I won’t have much time for lunch or […]

The Deal

Hey Loves! I have been thinking lately, how many times I get asked by clients and friends; “But, what should I do to get healthier? What should I eat? What should…” you name it. So let’s talk about How to start a healthy Lifestyle. In our journey to get healthier it’s completely normal to try […]