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I have been thinking lately, how many times I get asked by clients and friends; “But, what should I do to get healthier? What should I eat? What should…” you name it. So let’s talk about How to start a healthy Lifestyle.

In our journey to get healthier it’s completely normal to try to look for a secret recipe that will make the trick and change our life for good.

Well, the bad news is that such formula doesn’t exist, and that is also the good news! Everyone is different, and what may suit me just doesn’t fit in your life. Personally, I find it great!

For example, I love practicing sport, yoga, cycling, strength. It activates me, I feel energized and prepared to face a very busy day. I enjoy cooking fresh organic vegan dishes or sweets. I know that if I had a hard day  that will bring me back to my core. I also like connecting with nature, getting  out of the city and spending a day hiking and breathing fresh air. But I know, that none of those resonate with you, and you know what, that is totally fine!

Everyone should find what works best for them. I know what you are thinking: “but, where should I start? How I am going to know what works best for me? There are so many theories out there that seems impossible to find the right one!” Well, I hear you, and here is the deal:  stay tuned  and I will give you many different ideas and points of view so that you can decide, little by little, what is better for you and your lifestyle.

Just one thing:  whatever you try to integrate in your life, try to keep committed. Whether it is to do more sport, to eat healthier, to drink more water, do it for 21 days and then decide if it works for you or if it doesn’t. Any little change that you introduce to your life can be difficult to stick to it. You will find plenty of excuses to just slip out of it but try not to quite  before those 3 weeks.

So, what do you think dear? Are you ready to get new healthy ideas? Are you willing to try new things? Did you know now How to start a healthy Lifestyle?

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