Looking for the Fountain of Eternal Youth?



Hey Loves!

Are you one of those that they are looking for the Fountain of Eternal Youth?

Lately, I’ve been thinking a lot about when, as a kid, my parents used to say that famous sentence «Eat your greens!» Does this resonate with you? Where you in the same boat?

Well, as a matter of fact, they were right, it is essential to base our diets on greens. No matter if we are vegan, vegetarian, or eat animal protein, what we should eat the most are greens.

And why is it that makes them so unique?

Well, there are many reasons, but one of the most important is to keep us young and healthy for a longer time. Yep, that’s true, greens could have the secret for eternal youth, well not eternal, but at least longer! 

I am sure you’ve heard about the importance of maintaining a balanced ph within the body. Our bodies can become acidic if we don’t sleep well if we are stressed or if we don’t have a healthy diet. Even though our bodies are capable of maintaining our blood ph levels steady, if we don’t help it, it can turn slightly acidic. 

And what happens then? When our bodies have a low ph, an increase in the fabrication of cell-damaging free radicals and a loss in cellular energy production takes place. And, as you know, free radicals are responsible for oxidation and aging within other major health problems.

So, I am sure that by now, you are asking, «And when do the greens come in S?»

Here! Two factors help balance your body ph:

  1. Eating food with an excellent nutrient density, packed might minerals and micronutrients – therefore, greens!
  2. Chlorophyll – therefore, greens!

Chlorophyll is a fantastic substance, sometimes referred to as the plant’s blood. This green pigment converts the solar energy that has been absorbed by the plant into carbohydrates. Whenever we eat a plant, we are too getting our power from the sun through this process. Chlorophyll is also valuable for its ability to cleanse our body by helping remove toxins deposited from dietary and environmental sources. It also helps the body to produce red blood cells. 

Therefore, making sure that we have a daily consumption of chlorophyll-rich foods is essential for ensuring: 

  • the body’s constant cell regeneration 
  • for improving oxygen transport in the body 
  • constant energy levels throughout the day

The good thing is that it is straightforward to choose the right thing to order or to buy at the grocery store, just pick the greenest things! 

I hope you found it interesting! I would love to hear your feedback!

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Have a great day, dear!



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