Post-workout drink! perfect to recover after a gym session!

Many of you have been asking about my post-workout drink. So, I thought that it was probably a good idea to explain a bit more than what an IG feed allows me.

Recovering from a training session faster or finding that your body responds to your daily-super-busy life is more than just a drink, it’s a lifestyle, choices we do every day and that I will be more than happy to develop some other time. Nevertheless, choosing the perfect post-workout snack can definitely help!

After years of exercising and trying many of the products out there thought explicitly for recovery, I found my balance with this method. Nevertheless, you are more than welcome to try your own and let me know how it works for your body!

Ok, ladies, prepared for some nerdy facts? I will try to keep it short, I promise!

So, the most extended idea is that after a workout, we have to have a protein-packed snack, either a smoothie or a bar, to speed the recovery process.

But what I found that works for me is, immediately after the workout, having a snack consisting of primary simple carbohydrates.

There is a window just after exercise of about 45 min, known as the fuel window, which is the best time to consume high-quality food. If you feed your muscles within that window, they will be able to absorb the carbs in the food better, leading to a much faster recovery.

Many of my clients have the misconception that if they don’t eat just after the workout, their body will feed themselves from their body fat. This can be true, but if you don’t get proper recovery, you won’t be able to be 100% for your next workout, and therefore you will end up skipping the following sessions. Moreover, in the long run, as exercising and not proper recovering is a way of putting your body under stress, cortisol level will rise which will make the body to retain body fat and consume muscle tissue so that you will get the exact opposite effect!

To speed recovery, what you want to focus on is entering carbohydrates to your bloodstream as quickly as possible just after the exercise. Therefore we are looking for a snack with very low levels of fat and no fiber. As the body is fatigued due to training, it can find it difficult to digest, so liquids are a great idea!

All in all, some protein is desirable. About 20% of the snack can be an alkaline-source protein. 

And why? Well, the protein helps to speed the glycogen synthesis and, therefore, the carbohydrate absorption. Anything over a ratio of 4:1 carbohydrate-to-protein, will only slow recovery!

After an hour since having your recovery snack, it’s a good time for a complete nutrient-rich meal. This should consist of high quality, easily digestible raw protein, fatty acids, vitamins, and minerals from natural whole-food sources.

I hear you Loves! Ok, how do we translate this into something we can actually drink?

Here are my two favorite recovery drinks.

  1. The more elaborated one:



Blend and enjoy! You can keep it refrigerated up to 1 week! Just shake it before you have it. Not too elaborated though, no? Just in case here is the simple one;

2. The simple one.

In either recipe, you could change the coconut water for pure water, but the first one is packed with electrolytes, which is ideal for recovering after sweating! Fun fact is that years ago, the national Brazilian soccer team had coconut water instead of any artificial electrolyte recovery drink during their matches!

I hope you find it useful! I would love to hear how it works for you! The perfect post-workout drink!



1. This is not a paid ad! I love Vegan products. And it’s really useful having them handy if I don’t have the time to prepare my own at home. I know they use good quality products, and they are entirely vegan. Moreover, their recovery drink is based on this 4:1 ratio! So if you are in a hurry, this can be useful to you too! Cheers!

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