Food means a lot to SCK. Whether you’re a passionate cook or a non-chef in need of an easy sheet-pan dinner on a busy weeknight, or you’ve decided to try a full-on healthy detox, we’ve got all kinds of recipes and ideas to make your time in the kitchen as easy, fun, and (for the most part) healthy as possible.

We’ll help you plan your week with kid-friendly recipes, packable lunch ideas, ingredient guides, and even shopping lists (just join the list!)

We’ll get you going for your lunch boxes to the epic cocktails, incredible food, and tons of inspiration.

We love vegan and gluten-free options (especially cleaned-up comfort food), but we’re equally fond of…healthy treats, so whatever food it is you crave, we’ve got the recipes, guides, hacks, tips, and advice to both support and inspire you.

Real Food for Real People in Real Life

Check my absolute favorite for the Fall!!

Hara Hachi Bu

Hey Loves! Have you ever seen an Okinawa beach? It’s stunningly beautiful! It has been on my place-I-must-visit list forever.

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Tropical Smoothie

For those days you’re missing the summer sunny days; Tropical Smoothie recipe! You will really love this Tropical Smoothie recipe!

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Banana Bread

Try this Banana Bread vegan recipe! Perfect for Breakfast! For the past few weeks, I’ve been doing different types of

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Papaya Smoothie

The perfect smoothie to improve morning digestions and boost your energy! Papaya Smoothie recipe Good morning and Happy Monday! Today

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The Deal

Hey Loves! I have been thinking lately, how many times I get asked by clients and friends; “But, what should

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Choco smoothie: easy, healthy and vegan. Enjoy it!

Hi loves! This morning after exercising I was wondering what could I have for breakfast that help me recover as soon as possible but still satisfy my craving for sweet, which I don’t usually have. So I came up with this Choco Smoothie! It’s perfect as a post exercise snack or part of your breakfast […]

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