Energy Booster Smoothie

Prepare the Energy Booster Smoothie and rock your mornings! Mondays can be tough, I get it! But this goodie can cheer you up a bit, promised! This Energy Booster Smoothie will help you to start your day plenty of energy! This smoothie is full of nutrients that will keep you going all morning. It contains […]

Pumpkin Spice Scones

The ultimate Fall plant based healthy treat; vegan Pumpkin Spice Scones recipe! Looking for the ultimate Fall sweet recipe? How about some vegan Pumpkin Spice scones recipe? Everyone that knows me knows that I am all about seasonals! I particularly love Fall with all the different types of produce, species, and the infinite combinations you […]

Choco smoothie: easy, healthy and vegan. Enjoy it!

Hi loves! This morning after exercising I was wondering what could I have for breakfast that help me recover as soon as possible but still satisfy my craving for sweet, which I don’t usually have. So I came up with this Choco Smoothie! It’s perfect as a post exercise snack or part of your breakfast […]

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