Energetic cookies

Hey Loves! We’ve been talking lately about the importance of keeping sugar at bay! If you missed it, click here! That’s why I wanted to reshare with you one of my favorite recipes to keep my energy levels stable and avoid the sugar spike! But Today I bring you this tasty recipe, the energetic cookies! […]

Peanut Butter Chocolate Cups

Peanut Butter Chocolate Cups recipe! Good morning and Happy Monday! Today I came with this delicious Peanut Butter Chocolate Cups! I hope you enjoyed the Holidays with your loved ones, I certainly did! As this is the last post of this 2019, I thought it would be a good idea to share with you something […]

Coconut Rice

Find our new recipe: Coconut rice! Today is one of those days that I would love to stay home, have a great warm breakfast next to my sunny (not-so-sunny-today) window, and cook all day while snowing outside. But, instead, I have to go to the office, plans are not going to get done by themselves, […]

Post-workout Drink

Post-workout drink! perfect to recover after a gym session! Many of you have been asking about my post-workout drink. So, I thought that it was probably a good idea to explain a bit more than what an IG feed allows me. Recovering from a training session faster or finding that your body responds to your […]

Namaste Lentil Soup

The ultimate comfort food for cold winter days; Namaste Red Lentil Soup recipe! With the first snows, I always look for comfy food that keeps me warm. To this end, I am especially keen on soups. And there is a soup in particular that I love. Its takes very little time to prepare, but every […]

Banana Bread recipe V.2

Hey Loves! As I said, I am a big fan of Banana Bread! It’s a straightforward recipe, full of minerals, and makes my weekdays breakfast so much easier! Today we are going to prepare this tasty Banana Bread recipe! The good thing is that there are many variants. By changing some ingredients, you can get […]

Banana Bread

Try this Banana Bread vegan recipe! Perfect for Breakfast! For the past few weeks, I’ve been doing different types of banana bread vegan recipe. I enjoy baking something on Weekends. Maybe it’s because of the season, or because it is raining outside, but I find it relaxing, and I love the smell of my kitchen […]

Tropical Smoothie

For those days you’re missing the summer sunny days; Tropical Smoothie recipe! You will really love this Tropical Smoothie recipe! I know that sometimes it can be challenging to prepare breakfast at home in the morning. We are always on the run, and we finally grab something on your way to the office. I got […]

Papaya Smoothie

The perfect smoothie to improve morning digestions and boost your energy! Papaya Smoothie recipe Good morning and Happy Monday! Today I came with this delicious Papaya Smoothie recipe! I hope you enjoyed your weekend and your extra hour! I certainly did! Maybe that is why today, I feel my stomach.  I always try to be […]

Tso Rice Bowl

If you love the classic Tso Rice Bowl this plant-based version is going to make your day! Today I would like to share with you one of my favorite dishes, Tso Rice Bowl. I find it perfect for the cold days coming ahead. The black rice, also known as forbidden rice as it was only […]